Novolog Logistics

Novolog Logistics is a strategic logistics partner of global and local pharma and medical device companies that have offices and/or agencies in Israel.
Novolog Logistics provides a variety of services to these companies using state-of-the-art technologies and while complying with the most stringent quality assurance procedures. Novolog Logistics is part of the Novolog Group’s logistics division

Our Services

We provide holistic, superior-quality, customized logistics services to companies engaging in a variety of fields: pharma, medical aesthetics, diagnostics, medical devices and medical cannabis

Our History

Novolog was founded in 1966 as an importer and distributor of pharmaceuticals and has supported the development of healthcare services in Israel nearly from the outset. Healthcare services have evolved over the years and we have too. We are constantly thinking ahead and are committed to growth and innovation

Our People

Novolog Logistics’ employees are its principal and most critical asset. At Novolog, we all work together, shoulder to shoulder, to responsibly and professionally realize the Company’s vision

Contact Us

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